Leah Bloom Communications

Finding the right ways and words to reach your audience

Whether you’re recruiting clients for your new business,┬áraising funds for a cause, or seeking buyers for a new product, good communication is the key to success. With over a decade of experience in corporate and nonprofit communication across traditional and new media, Leah Bloom Communications can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to reach new audiences and keep existing customers and supporters coming back for more.

“From just a brief phone call, Leah was able to garner the information needed and deliver a high quality product in a very short period of time. She did a great job of capturing the essence of our brand and provided us with materials that were much more professional, and vastly improved the messaging to our constituents.”

Benefit from Leah’s expertise in:

  • Communications Consulting – Hone your strategy and message to influence the people who keep your business in business.
  • General Marketing – Ensure that your branding, advertising, PR, and collateral materials are compelling, consistent, and effective.
  • Social Media and Web 2.0 – Use technology to stay in your customers’ minds as a trusted resource.
  • Online Marketing – Reach your audience online – and collect data on them – with a host of innovative strategies.
  • Green Marketing – Let people know about your sustainable practices – good for business and the planet.
  • Nonprofit Communications – Develop valuable, long-lasting relationships with your constituents.