Traditional Marketing

Marketing Services

You already know that in order for your business to be successful, you must convince people that you are offering goods or services they need, or that offer them a clear benefit. But how do you know who you can sell on your ideas, or what is the best way to reach them? Having an informed outside perspective can shed light on these issues, and Leah will gladly consult on your marketing strategy and help you brainstorm ideas for successful marketing campaigns. If you are developing or preparing to sell a new product or service, Leah can offer you market research support, focus test design, recruitment, and moderation, and deployment or distribution planning.


Your company’s brand is incredibly powerful shorthand. It tells consumers not only who you are, but what you’re about, and what they can expect from you. Creating and maintaining a strong brand is about more than generating a logo and coming up with a witty slogan. Everything from the color palette of your brand mark to where you choose to display it has an impact on your product’s success and your organization’s reputation. Whether you are launching a new brand or striving to revitalize an existing one, Leah can help you understand and apply both the science and the art of branding.

Advertising and Public Relations

Now that you’ve established a great brand, how do you get the media to pick up on it? Leah can help you create an advertising plan that reaches your target audience and fits within your budget, as well as work with you to design and place your ads. If it’s earned media you want, she can help you identify newsworthy stories within your company, target the appropriate media, and write and distribute press releases that are sure to get you noticed.

Collateral and Publishing

Want to run an ad in a newspaper or event program? Hand out wallet cards at a conference? Send a newsletter to your clients or constituents? Whatever your desktop publishing needs, Leah will work with you to design and produce a customized publication that enhances your visibility and brand.

Green Marketing

Let your customers know about your green initiatives. Don’t think you have any? Think again! Leah can help you understand what business practices are sustainable and how to market them.

If your business cannot yet claim to be doing anything “green,” you may not only be missing an opportunity — you could be falling behind your competitors. Leah can help you identify earth-friendly business practices you already use, and get the word out about them in a way that is consistent with your existing brand and communications plan.

Even the most eco-conscious businesses can do a better job of letting their customers know about their green initiatives. If your company is a leader in the field of sustainability, Leah can work with you to ensure that your business reaps the benefits of its forward-thinking practices.

Writing and Editing

Leah can craft a high-impact message for any audience or occasion, in keeping with your unique mission, vision, and values. She also offers editing, copy-editing, and proofreading services, as well as resume and cover letter writing.

Nonprofit Communications

Nonprofit communications are highly specialized, and Leah is an expert in fundraising and direct mail. Whatever your cause, she can help you develop valuable, long-lasting relationships with your constituents.