Online Marketing

Marketing differs from medium to medium, but online marketing is truly a world unto itself. Whether you have been communicating with your customers online since Al Gore invented the internet or still don’t have a website, Leah can help you reach your audience via email, online advertising, viral campaigns, and other innovative strategies. She can also help you learn to interpret the mountains of data you can collect about your online constituents, and use it to your advantage.

Web CommunicationsWebsite Strategy, Development & Writing

Your website is more than just the public face of your company online. It’s a sophisticated tool that provides value to visitors, encourages them to become clients, and entices them to return again and again. From design strategy to content development to day-to-day upkeep, Leah can help you create and maintain a website that will drive traffic to your door and enhance your bottom line.

Visit sites and pages Leah has worked on:
Plankton Power WebsitePlankton Power
Mad Oyster Studios
Serper Method
Rachel Mello News
Causemedia, Inc.

Email CampaignsEmail Campaigns

Email is perhaps the most important – and the most complex – tool available for communicating with consumers. Addresses change, emails are deleted unread, and attention spans for online communications are wickedly short. But if you can grab your readers’ attention, the potential to create interactive relationships with them is immense. Email communications can also provide you with a wealth of information about your clients.

Constant Contact(R)As a Constant Contact Business Partner, Leah has access to a host of email marketing and online survey tools to help small businesses and organizations connect to customers quickly, easily, and affordably, and build stronger relationships. She will work with you to craft single email messages or rolling campaigns that draw your customers into your business and help you market more successfully to them in the future.


One of the primary ways to stay in touch with customers and friends, the E-Newsletter needs to have information people want in order for them to open it. Deliver relevant messages to your customers’ or constituents’ inboxes and have them coming back for more. Leah will work with you to design and produce a customized publication that enhances your visibility and brand.

Socil StrategyWeb 2.0: Facebook, Twitter, and all that is Social

This is the place to be, at least for many organizations and market segments. Create a community and a dialogue, and you will remain in people’s minds as a relevant resource. Leah Bloom can help with strategy, setup, and writing.