Website Makeover

After some years of helping others makeover their online presence, page I finally took the time to give myself the same treatment! And it feels great.

Every couple of years it’s good to take a look at what you are putting out there, tadalafil and see if it matches the real you. What you will see in the new site:

  • Updated messaging! I am going through articles, publications, and projects and have some nice new ones to show off.
  • Look and feel: I teamed up with Liz Manicatide at Emphasis Creative for a nice new look- together we got it looking just the way I wanted, with a new easy-to-use site organization to reflect my current focus.
  • Business focus: I am still a green marketer and writer, and that is very important to me. But many of my clients need to know more about the business nitty-gritty: This site reflects the fact that I can get you where you need to be as a business, and in the best style- yours!

I’ll be doing more tweaking and updates in the coming weeks: The web is good that way, you can always update things. Keep reading for new tips and customer stories as we move ahead, and contact me to see how I can help YOU move ahead too!

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