2-Minute Guerilla Marketing Video

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Guerilla Marketing Video Blog Post

Guerilla marketing gone wrong: This campaign caused a bomb scare!

Next week, in collaboration with Accion USA, this I will be filming a video blog post featuring my top tips for guerilla marketing. The post will appear on Accion USA’s website in early March.

Do you have tips or tricks for guerilla marketing? Share them in comments here!

Photo by Rekah.

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Winter Farmers Market to open in Somerville Armory

Somerville residents and businesses love the fresh and local farmers’ markets in Union Square and Davis Square, mind June through November. Community members have been talking for a long time about the need for more fresh and local foods during the winter months, so the idea of a winter farmers’ market was born. Shape Up Somerville, local farmers and community stakeholders developed a business plan for the indoor market at the Armory space, and it will open this January!

Localvores should be sure to check out the array of produce, meat, bread and local specialty vendors at the new market. For the first time ever, residents will also be able to sample and purchase wine from Massachusetts farm wineries. The addition of farm wineries is made possible by some new statewide legislation enacted during the summer.

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Website Makeover

After some years of helping others makeover their online presence, page I finally took the time to give myself the same treatment! And it feels great.

Every couple of years it’s good to take a look at what you are putting out there, tadalafil and see if it matches the real you. What you will see in the new site:

  • Updated messaging! I am going through articles, publications, and projects and have some nice new ones to show off.
  • Look and feel: I teamed up with Liz Manicatide at Emphasis Creative for a nice new look- together we got it looking just the way I wanted, with a new easy-to-use site organization to reflect my current focus.
  • Business focus: I am still a green marketer and writer, and that is very important to me. But many of my clients need to know more about the business nitty-gritty: This site reflects the fact that I can get you where you need to be as a business, and in the best style- yours!

I’ll be doing more tweaking and updates in the coming weeks: The web is good that way, you can always update things. Keep reading for new tips and customer stories as we move ahead, and contact me to see how I can help YOU move ahead too!

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Keep It Fresh

Don’t set up a blog or feed and let it go stale… a little every day or every other day will keep your image fresh in customers’ minds. Here are some tips for how to do it:

  • Keep them short and punchy: people don’t have time to read extremely long articles anyway- and you’ll be more likely to get short ones done!
  • Stockpile: use your blogger’s “save a draft” or “publish later” capabilities to write a lot when you get the ideas, online then stagger the publication dates.
  • Don’t lose spur-of-the-moment ideas: have some way to take notes- paper or electronic- when ideas strike you during the day or you see other articles that provoke a response.
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